Setting a good example.

The Stelvio National Park is setting its sights on becoming a model region for sustainable living in the Alps.

In addition to its seven natural parks, South Tyrol is also home to the Stelvio National Park, which has obtained certification from the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. It is one of the largest natural areas under protection in Europe and covers part of two regions: Trentino-South Tyrol and Lombardy. Since 2018 IDM, in cooperation with numerous partners, has been coordinating the “Tourism and agricultural development in the Stelvio National Park” initiative.

The initiative aims to raise awareness and appeal of the Stelvio National Park, still relatively unknown, amongst the population of South Tyrol and the principal markets of Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The target group is “NANOs©,” or rather, people who are interested in nature, outdoor activity, sustainability and originality. A further aim of the scheme is to promote quality products from the Stelvio National Park and incentivise small, local circuits in the region.

A region with vision

The long-term vision of the Stelvio National Park and of the initiative is to become a model region of sustainable living in the Alps. To this end, we have established a sustainability award for farms and tourism organisations who excel in their ecological and social management. All interested companies can write to nationalpark(at)

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